Join us in an awesome hackathon event where you will be combining microservices and data analytics!

The challenge will be to build a distributed data science solution in just one day. 

No experience with data analytics? No worries! You will learn the basics of Data Science and more! 

What the attendees will learn

In just one day you will learn:

•    A practical introduction to the methods of text analytics
•    How to create text analytics modules with microservices
•    How to build a complete data processing pipeline from ingestion to visualization 

Showtime! At the end of the day, there will be time to show off your creations!


Wednesday, May 15th from 8am until 8-9pm.
•    8 am - Getting together
•    9 am Introduction
- Basics of the hackathon (Logistics, rules, teams, etc.)
- ROXcomposer, a microservice framework
- Datasets that can be used to develop pipelines
•   10 am - Building Teams & Projects
•   11 am - Start Hacking
(Food and drinks will be provided during the hackathon. Teams can choose their times for breaks on their own)
- Working on Prototypes
- Mentoring
•    7 pm Coding Deadline
•    8 pm - Showtime! Teams present prototypes



Best team

- 4 annual personal subscription for a Jet Brains IDE of choice, 4 tickets for J On The Beach '19 or '20, 4 courses from The Pragmatic Studio and one book from The Pragmatic Programmer + hardware package all valued more than €1,000.

Most unique solution

- An educative+hardware package valued more than €500.

Most technically advanced solution

- An educative+hardware package valued more than €500.


  • A laptop with your OS of choice (preferably not Windows)
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Passion for hacking 




Date and time:

Wednesday 15th

8.00 a.m.-9 p.m.


•    Data Science
•    Microservices
•    Python
•    Data/Text Analytics

Target audience roles:

  • Developers
  • Hackers
  • Data Scientists
  • People interested in data analysis, data visualization, microservices, etc.


Maximum of 50 px - Teams of 4 px


Food and drinks 



Palacio de Congresos de Marbella,
Calle José Meliá, 2,
Marbella, Spain
15TH - 17TH MAY 2019

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