The Workshop

At The Workshop, we invent and reinvent software solutions so businesses can rise above the competition. From disruptive fintech to cutting-edge encryption, we’re all about thinking big and bringing our razor-sharp ideas to life. We’re not bogged down by process or limited by lack of aspiration. And we trust each other to make intelligent decisions, to challenge, change, improve and perfect. It’s a culture where forward-thinkers like you can be fearless.

Our jobs

  • Software Engineer

    What you'll do

    • Work on both server-side and client-side development for a variety of exciting n-tier enterprise projects
    • Design and develop code, put it into action and support projects on the application level.
    • Code responsible from the very beginning until production environment.
    • Write, maintain and document unit and integration tests, and write up new and modified functionality
    • Regularly analyse and review the code crafted by fellow visionaries to make sure it’s always spot-on
    • Work closely with Technical Leads and Architects to make our software design and quality unbeatable
    • Not just coding but building, owning and running applications.
    • No just developing but operating, observing and learning to make it better.

    What you’ll bring

    We are looking for talented developers with solid analytical, design and problem-solving skills, expertise with high-performance applications. We need our engineers to be versatile, display leadership qualities and be enthusiastic to tackle new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push technology forward. You will design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and enhance software solutions.

    - Strong Backend skills, (multithreading, OOP…) and/or Strong Frontend skills.
    - Good understanding of web-based applications (Http protocol, Web Servers, Caching, …).
    - Good testing practices (unit, component and E2E testing).
    - Understands data modelling.
    - Agile approach to development.
    - Continuous integrations tools.
    - Excellent problem-solving skills.
    - Fearless to learn new languages/frameworks.

    Well-organised too, whether you are making stuff happen in a team or getting on with things on your own. In addition, you will have no problem coming up with ideas – or explaining them clearly.

    What you’ll work with

    - Java Latest version
    - Web development (JS/Angular)
    - Web services (REST)
    - Spring boot, Spring cloud,
    - Build tools (Maven, NPM, Webpack) as well as version control systems (Git)
    - Containers (Docker, Kubernetes…)
    - Testing frameworks (Junit, Jasmine, JBehave and Selenium) and testing practices, contract testing.
    - Apache Cassandra and Elasticsearch
    - Messaging (RabbitMQ)
    - Concurrent programming and threading
    - Optimizing and turning not-so-sexy technologies into fancy stuff.

    Always updating and adapting our systems to new technologies.

  • DevOps Engineer

    Your mission

    Working for the teams who make and deliver our software, you’ll make sure services are effective across test, development and
    production environments. It’ll be your job to drive improvements, whether they relate to boosting the enjoyment of the software or the
    efficiency of our Build and Deployment teams. You’ll be empowered to improve the software, using your analytical and diagnostic flair to
    the full. And, above all, you’ll make certain our agile methodology isn’t hampered by operational requirements or delays in delivery or
    software transitions.
    You’ll be part of a super-motivated DevOps team with the mission of creating new and awesome tools that will empower development
    teams around the company to do things in an automated and safer way, plus standardizing processes to ensure all the teams are
    aligned with each other.

    What you´ll do

    - Plan upgrades of large, complex systems across a variety of environments, working closely with key staff across multiple sites
    - Manage technical releases including software deploys, de-risking deploys and change request reviews
    - Investigate and diagnose problems, assign or carry out code and deployment fixes, and keep documents up to date
    - Make workflow more efficient and the system more stable
    - Build and verify new servers, including tracking network changes
    - Build tools for automate, simplify and de-risk processes
    - Work with bleeding-edge tools and technologies

    What you´ll be

    - Familiar with containerization (Docker, rkt) and virtualization (VMWare, Vagrant, VirtualBox) technologies. Experience working with
    Docker and Kubernetes clusters will be highly considered.
    - A strong and deep level of understanding of Continuous Integration and Deployment concepts and tools, including SCMs (Git,
    Subversion), CI servers (Bamboo, Jenkins), build tools (Maven, Gradle), binary repositories (Nexus, Artifactory) and code quality
    tools (SonarQube). Experience with the Atlassian stack is advised.
    - Strong knowledge around platform automation technologies, such as Puppet and Ansible. Experience with AWX is a plus.
    - Good level of understanding regarding database administration, including but not limited to, Cassandra, Neo4j and ElasticSearch as
    well as the traditional ones (MySQL, Oracle, etc).
    - Equipped with basic programming know-how – including an understanding of code and coding concepts – plus advanced knowledge
    of scripting languages (Bash, Python, Perl, Ruby...). Knowledge in Django framework is a plus.
    - Familiar with Java software development, including JEE concepts, current technologies and frameworks.
    - A talented Linux administrator and investigator who knows about network diagnostics and services.
    - Basic knowledge in Windows systems administration and investigation, with expertise that covers Event log and Services.
    - Flexible enough to meet tight deadlines and driven to deliver to strict SLAs.

  • Big Data Developer

    Your Mission

    The Workshop is currently looking for a Big Data Developer to join our dynamic team in Malaga. The ideal candidate will have an outstanding knowledge of fast moving and large volume data in multi-tiered data and analytics platform. The role involves design, development, implementation and support of a cutting edge real-time data platform, which includes including data streaming, data lake and a blazing fast analytics database. We are looking for someone who is passionate, motivated, driven and up for the challenge.
    We are in process of revamping our platform to store and process even more data at a higher velocity. We will be rebuilding large parts of the data platform with the latest set of technologies and techniques, it is an exciting time to join and take up the challenge

    What you´ll do

    - Design, develop and support the real-time data platform
    - Conceptualize, evaluate and build proof of concepts on new models, tools and techniques
    - Collaborate, peer review, cross skill and share expertise with other team members
    - Performance tuning of the system and work on new ways to increase efficiency

    What you´ll bring

    - 3+ years of experience working with high velocity and high volume data, including good experience in handling relational, semi-structured and unstructured data
    - Solid experience with Kafka and nice to have experience with HornetQ(JMS)/RabbitMQ
    - Strong knowledge of database design and development with previous experience in developing ETL processes, and multidimensional data multidimensional data models
    - Strong understanding of both relational and multidimensional modeling principles
    - Solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming languages and must have a good experience in Java/Scala
    - Solid experience with SQL queries and database tuning
    - Problem-solving skills, willingness to take ownership and risks, and enthusiasm in the face of technical challenges
    - Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment
    - Strong communication skills
    - Nice to have:

    • Good experience with data process technologies like Oracle ODI, Informatica, Snap Logic, Talend, Apache Spark
    • Good knowledge of Hadoop Cluster Architecture and hands-on experience within Cloudera Hadoop ecosystems
    • Knowledge of Exasol
    • Knowledge of any one of the scripting languages, such as Python, Shell Scripting or PERL


Palacio de Congresos de Marbella,
Calle José Meliá, 2,
Marbella, Spain
15TH - 17TH MAY 2019

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