JOTB19 - Collective Problem Solving in Music, Science, Software by Jessica Kerr
JOTB19 - Biological Logic by Sara-Jane Dunn
JOTB19 - An intro to Kubernetes operators by Lili Cosic
JOTB19 - Free the Functions with Fn project! by Ewan Slater
JOTB19 - Istio Service Mesh & pragmatic microservices architecture by Alex Soto
JOTB19 - Toward Predictability and Stability At The Edge Of Chaos by Helena Edelson
JOTB19 - Big Data is the New Currency by Armando Gonzalez
JOTB19 - The Bizarre Mating Ritual Of The Whipnose Seadevil by Greg Young
JOTB19 - Java, Turbocharged by Marcus Biel
JOTB19 - What if You Need Reliability Comparable to Paper? by Roland Kuhn
JOTB19 - Big Data On Data You Don’t Have by Trent Walker
JOTB19 - Interaction Protocols: It's all about good manners by Martin Thompson
JOTB19 - Drinking from the firehose, with virtual streams and virtual actors by Sergey Bykov
JOTB19 - Dataviz for Devs by Shirley Wu
JOTB19 - The TIPPSS Imperative for IoT by Florence Hudson