JOTB19 - Crossing the bridge by Mark de Brauw
JOTB19 - Serverless Continuous Delivery of Microservices on Kubernetes with Jenkins X by Paolo Carta
JOTB19 - Continuous Delivery in the Real World by Kai Schroeder
JOTB19 - RSocket - Future Reactive Application Protocol by Oleh Dokuka
JOTB19 - Getting started with Deep Reinforcement Learning by Nicolas Kuhaupt
JOTB19 - Infinite Topic Backlogs with Apache Pulsar by Ivan Kelly
JOTB19 - Leadership at Every Level by Liz Keogh
JOTB19 - Servers are doomed to fail by Jaana B Dogan
JOTB19 - The Six Pitfalls of building a Microservices Architecture by Mois├ęs Macero
JOTB19 - When Cloud Native meets the Financial Sector by Victor Tuson
JOTB19 - Pushing AI to the Client with WebAssembly and Blazor by Barry S. Stahl