From Zero to Reactive Hero (or Reactive Programming for Java Devs)

This workshop is aimed at the developers that don’t have any experience with reactive programming but have a willingness to learn more about Reactive Programming in Java.

Oleh Dokuka


Reactive Guy

Mainly Java Software Engineer / Consultant focused on distributed systems development adopting Reactive Manifesto and Reactive Programming techniques. Open Source geek and active contributor to Project Reactor / RSocket. Along with that, Public Speaker and Author of the book "Reactive Programming is Spring 5.0":

What the attendees will learn

During the workshop, we are going to learn what is Reactive System and Reactive Programming, what is the main difference between those notions and how one can be achieved with another.

We will learn central patterns that lay in Reactive Programming, the evolution of Reactive Programming and how it looks today.

We will also cover Reactive Streams specification and one of the libraries built on top of it - Project Reactor 3.

Finally, we will learn the most important operators hidden in the reactive libraries and understand which problems they solve.


- Laptop.
- Java 8+
- IntelliJ IDEA (or any other dev environment) 
- 10+ hours of free time to learn as much as possible about Reactive in Java

Companies using this technology

- Pivotal, Netflix, Netifi, Alibaba, Lightbend and many others…

Workshop plan

# Introduction to Reactive System and Reactive Programming from the real stories of big companies failures 

# History of Reactive Programming and the central patterns      
           - Why Reactive Programming?
           - Rx.Net as a beginning
           - RxJava 1 - first reactive in java

# Hands-on #1: RxJava 1 - Basic Operators

# Reactive Streams 

# Project Reactor 3

# Hands-on #2: Project Reactor 3 - Advanced operators

# Hands-on #3: Project Reactor 3 - Multithreading 

# Hands-on #4: Project Reactor 3 - Backpressure

# Hands-on #5: Project Reactor 3 - Advanced

# Hands-on #6: Crypto-trading platform using Project Reactor 3 

From Zero to Reactive Hero (or Reactive Programming for Java Devs)

Date and time:

Wednesday 15th

From 9:00 to 17:30


Reactive Programming

Target audience roles:

Java Developers




Coffee and Tea

Sold out


Palacio de Congresos de Marbella,
Calle José Meliá, 2,
Marbella, Spain
15TH - 17TH MAY 2019

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